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The Project Manager

The PM is a Github account which acts as a chatbot. Each Project is arbitrarily assigned to one such PM.

The PM will only act automatically upon new issues - it will not do anything about the issues which were opened prior to the Project’s activation.

Webhook Events

Webhook Events

When a Repo is activated, we set up a Webhook so that Github notifies the PM of certain events automatically. The PM will be notified of the following events:

  • New Issue - so it can register new issues/pull requests as tasks.
  • Reopened Issue - so it can register reopened issues/pull requests as tasks.
  • Issue Comments - so it can execute and reply to commands.
  • Push - so it can transform the latest TODOs into new Issues.


The PM can answer to a number of commands. To give a command, just add an Issue Comment addressed to the PM. The comment must always start with the PM’s tag.

For example: @charlesmike hello will prompt the PM to present itself.

  • Hello – any comment addressed to the PM containing the word “hello”.
  • Status – any comment addressed to the PM, containing the word “status”. The PM will respond with the Task’s status, assignee, deadline etc.
  • Resign – a task’s assignee can always resign from the task, if they cannot or simply do not want to solve it. The comment should be addressed to the PM and contain the word “resign”. Only the task’s assignee can give this command.
  • Deregister – a task can be deregistered (taken out of scope) with a comment containing the word “deregister”. Only a Contributor with role PO or ARCH can give this command. When a task is deregistered, the task’s assignee is automatically resigned.
  • Register – an Issue or PR can be registered as a Task with a comment containing the word “register”. Any Contributor can give this command.

The precedence of the commands is the same as the above order. For example, if a comment contains both “hello” and “deregister”, it will be understood as a Hello command.


Besides listening to Webhooks and Issue Comments, the PM runs a few jobs regularly:

  • The PM will review new Issues/PRs every 10 minutes and assign them to contributors.
  • The PM will review the assigned Tasks every 30 minutes and invoice them if their respective Issues/PRs are closed. This is also the time when the PM will look for another assignee if the Issue/PR is still open and the deadline is passed.
  • The PM will try to pay all active Invoices once a week, on Monday. An Invoice has to have a total amount of at least 108,00 € in order to be paid.

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